VIMX Race Event Information


Welcome 2021! Here is our 2021 Fall Island Championship Series Schedule and info.

Sept 4/5 - AVMX

Sept 18/19 - NMA Wastelands

Oct 9/10 - AVMX

Oct 23/24 - CRMX

Oct 30/31 - NMA Wastelands


A big shout out to Honda Canada Motocycles and GasNGo for coming on as our series Sponsors this year 👏👏


A bit of housekeeping info to get you prepared...


****All race registrations for classes will be via the individual track website and deadline for registration will be the Friday prior to race weekend at 8pm. (No exceptions)****


We will be running under MRC rules and regulations again this year, but YES you can race as a non-member.1) PLEASE read the MRC rule book and follow ALL guidelines for color plates & size, age & class requirements....and ALL rules and regulations related to the race format 


4) VIMX is run by volunteers again this year, NO board of directors.....during race wkds please direct all questions, concerns to the Ref if race related or the host tracks president 


Your VIMX/Club Presidents are as follows; 

AVMX - Geoff Brown

NMA - Ward Wiltsey 

CRMX - Doug Ling



*PRACTICE DAY Saturday $25

*Each Class $45

*Paybacks Classes $50



6) Over Night Pitting Fees $25 for the weekend 

(if members to the host track, NO FEE)

Please choose and pay for overnighting when registering for race classes.


7) Race Weekend Registration​

  • Registration for classes will be via track website only (exception is TriPort details will be announced)

    NMA Wastelands Race -

    AVMX Race -

    CRMX Race - TBD



7) 2021 Classes - please make sure you choose the class you wish to run all year to accumulate Overall Series points 


Tyke Class (4-6) - trophy

50cc (4-6)  - trophy 

50cc (7-8)  - trophy

50cc Open **new  (must have 5 riders to run moto)

Young Ladies (7-11) - trophy

65cc (7-9) - trophy 

65cc (10-11)  - trophy 

65cc Open  **new  (must have 5 riders to run moto) 

85cc (7-11)  - trophy 

85cc (12-16)  - trophy 

Supermini  - trophy 

Schoolboy (85cc to 125cc 2 stroke) -trophy 

Schoolboy 2 (150cc 2 stroke to 250 4 stroke) - trophy 

Beginner Open  - trophy 

Junior Open  - trophy 

Ladies  - trophy 

Intermediate Open - payback 

Pro Open - payback 

Youth Open (17-29) - payback 

Vet Junior  - payback 

Vet Master - payback 

Plus 30 - payback 

Plus 40 - payback 

Racing Etiquette

  1. All racing will be conducted under the current season’s MRC Motocross Competition Rules.

  2. Waivers must be signed by a parent/guardian for all riders under the age of 19 years. This must be done in the presence of one of the Executive or someone appointed by the Executive.

  3. The referee has the authority to ride off any rider with the black flag.

  4. Each bike shall be equipped with a legible number displayed on the front & side number plates.

  5. If tied in points, the second moto shall count for the win.

  6. No rider shall ride on the track from time of pre-race grooming until race day.

  7. No one other than flaggers and first-aid attendants are allowed on the track while a race is in progress.

  8. The Executive has the authority to move a rider to a different class (up or down) with a majority vote from the Executive.

  9. Any riders known to be partaking in alcohol/drugs, during/prior to a race, will be suspended for the day.

  10. There shall be no pit riding or riding on the roads. Pit riding is dangerous and causes erosion to our Club property.

  11. Dogs are allowed providing they are on a leash and under control.

  12. No riders under the age of 16 shall use the facilities with out parent/guardian written consent.

  13. Do not litter or leave behind unwanted items like used tires, broken parts, etc. If you bring it in – take it out! Please keep our track clean!!


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