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Nanaimo MX Member Code of conduct

  1. I will show good sportsmanship to players, coaches, officials, opponents, and parents at every race, practice or visit to the track.

  2. I will learn the value of commitment by participating in as many practices and races as I can.

  3. I will encourage my racers and others and praise good efforts.

  4. I will be honest, fair, and respectful to others at all times.

  5. I will not at any time talk down to or belittle the efforts of any participant weather racer or track official.

  6. I will aim to learn all I can from motocross sports.

  7. I will treat our track grounds as if it was my own personal property.

  8. I will not use physical / mental or physiological abuse towards another person or animal. 

  9. I will report all violations of this code of conduct. 

  10. I will leave the track better than I found it. 

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