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Nanaimo MX Member 
Site Rules and regulations

  1. LOCK THE GATE after you enter the park. If you are the last to leave, ensure the gate is locked. 

  2. Park use is for MEMBERS ONLY. Non-members must purchase a day pass or membership, or they will be asked to leave. 

  3. Riders must not use excessive speed (first gear only) or use undue care and attention while riding around the site and in the pit area. Pit riding is dangerous and causes erosion to the park property. 

  4. Vehicle speed limit on site is max 15km/hr. 

  5. Fires must not be left unattended and quiet time will be enforced after 10pm. 

  6. Dogs must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. NMA reserves the right to have problem pets removed from the property. 

  7. Keep your area clean. Do not leave litter or bike parts behind. 

  8. No overnight stays except for racing events or with prior board approval. 

  9. No open alcohol. 

  10. You will be responsible for and will control your actions and behaviour at all times. You will treat others and this facility with resect. You will interact with other's in a safe and courteous manner. 

Violators can be disqualified from acquiring points for Nanaimo races or may have membership privileges suspended. 

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