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 NMA Club Race Event Information



Stay tuned to our social media pages and the events calendar for upcoming Club Race announcements. Please consider volunteering for various race weekend tasks. These club races cannot happen without member support.. email to volunteer..

Our race format will be changing up this year for our Club race. In an effort to have each class reflect bike size and rider ability, each racer is only permitted to register for one class. But don't worry, each class will get much more practice time & a three Moto format on race day.

  • Saturday 10:00am - PRACTICE DAY (must be registered in advance) Practice Schedule will be posted at the tower

  • Sunday Riders Meeting - 8:00 at tower

  • Sunday Race Schedule will be posted at the tower Sunday morning

  • Sunday 3 RACE FORMAT NMA Members Only

  • Sunday @ lunch break - STACYC races

  • Tyke Class - $45.00 (includes practice day)

  • All Other Classes - $65.00 (includes practice day)

**All bikes must have numbers on front plate and side plates that are clearly visible**

Race Classes

The following is a list of classes run in NMA Club Races. Each racer is permitted to register for 1 class only

  • 50cc Tyke 4-8  (CRF50, PW50, etc) - No Ktm's/Husky's/GasGas/Etc

  • 50cc GP Open   (4-8yo, 50cc 2 stroke – 110cc 4 stroke)

  • 65cc GP Open   (7-11yo 60-65cc 2-stroke – 110cc 4-stroke)

  • 85cc Open   (7-16yo 60-85cc 2 stroke – up to 150cc 4 stroke 14” rear max)

  • New Kid Beginner (8 -14) (Small Wheel Only)

  • Girls 9-16 (no big wheel bikes)

  • Ladies 12+ (Big Wheel Only)

  • Open Beginner 12+ (Big Wheel Only)

  • Bike Bike A   Fast Guys&Gals (250cc+ Junior/Intermediate/Pro level) 

  • Bike Bike B   Average Joe Class (Faster Riders will be bumped up to A class) (250cc+ Vet/Plus 30/Plus 40 Level)

  • Schoolboy   (12-17+yo 125-500cc 2/4 stroke)

Registration and waivers MUST be completed no later than Saturday 10am.


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