NMA Club Race Event Information



Stay tuned to our social media pages and the events calendar for upcoming Club Race announcements. Please consider volunteering for various race weekend tasks. These club races cannot happen without member support.. email info@nanaimomx.com to volunteer..


  • Saturday 10-2 - PRACTICE DAY (included in pre registration) Schedule will be posted at the tower

  • Saturday following practice - PIT BIKE RACES (just show up)

  • Sunday Riders Meeting - 8:00 am over loudspeaker and FM Transmitter (channel TBD)

  • Sunday Race Schedule will be posted at the tower Sunday morning

  • Sunday 2 RACE FORMAT NMA Members Only

  • Each class $35

  • Paybacks Classes - Each Class $45 (MUST HAVE 5 RIDERS FOR PAYBACKS TO BE ISSUED)

**All bikes must have numbers on front plate and side plates that are clearly visible**

Race Classes

The following is a list of classes run in NMA Club Races

  • 50cc Tyke   (CRF50, PW50, etc)

  • 50cc Open   (4-8yo, 50cc 2 stroke – 110cc 4 stroke)

  • 65cc Open   (7-11yo 60-65cc 2-stroke – 110cc 4-stroke)

  • Ladies/Beginners   (12+yo)

  • 85cc Open   (7-16yo 60-85cc 2 stroke – up to 150cc 4 stroke 14” rear max)

  • Schoolboy 125/150/85cc Big Wheel   (12-17yo 85-150cc 2/4 stroke 16” rear min)

  • Bike Bike A   (250cc+ Intermediate/Pro level) 

  • Bike Bike B   (250cc+ Junior/Intermediate level)

  • Junior Open   (12+yo 125-500cc 2/4 stroke)

  • Plus 30   (30+yo 125-500cc 2/4 stroke)

  • Open Pro-Am


  1. Registration and waivers MUST be completed Friday 8pm. (no exceptions) They can be found on our website under "race registration"

  2. Covid protocols will be in place until further notice. ALL entering the property for racing, volunteering, or spectating must register in advance on our website under "Covid Waivers"

  1. All racing will be conducted under the current season’s MRC Motocross Competition Rules. (no MRC membership required)

  2. The referee has the authority to ride off any rider with the black flag.

  3. Each bike shall be equipped with a legible number displayed on the front & side number plates.

  4. If tied in points, the second moto shall count for the win.

  5. No rider shall ride on the track from time of pre-race grooming until race day.

  6. No one other than flaggers and first-aid attendants are allowed on the track while a race is in progress.

  7. The Executive has the authority to move a rider to a different class (up or down) with a majority vote from the Executive.

  8. Any riders known to be partaking in alcohol/drugs, during/prior to a race, will be suspended for the day.

  9. There shall be no pit riding or riding on the roads. Pit riding is dangerous and causes erosion to our Club property.

  10. Dogs are allowed providing they are on a leash and under control.

  11. No riders under the age of 16 shall use the facilities with out parent/guardian written consent.

  12. When camping or staying late at the track, all fires must not be left unattended. Fires are subject to all Local and Provincial campfire regulations and bans. Quiet time will be enforced after 10:00 pm. Non-compliance will result in immediate removal from the track.

  13. All riders must wear protective gear including: helmet, goggles, protective pants, long sleeve jersey & protective footwear/boots. Chest protectors, knee/shin guards, & gloves are strongly recommended.