Sponsor Renewal

Please follow the instructions below for sponsor renewals only.  If you are a new sponsor please follow the instructions in the Sponsor Application link.

If you are renewing your sponsorship from last year, you must first login to the site using your registered email address and password at the top right of the site page.  If you don't have an email address or didn't have it registered with us yet, please send an email to info@nanaimomx.com requesting to have your email address added to your sponsor account.  If you don't know or forgot your password, you can use the Forgot password link next to the Login button at the top right of the page and you will receive an email with instructions on resetting your password..

Once you've successfully logged in use the View profile link to view/edit your profile and click the Renew until... button to renew your sponsorship for this year.  If you want to change your sponsor level prior to renewing you can use the Change membership level button.  Your initial sponsor level is set to the level from last year.  Once you've logged in you can change any of your profile settings including your email address and password from your profile page.

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