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Race Series

The Vancouver Island Motocross Association (VIMX) and the 5 Island Motocross Associations run the Island Spring and Fall Race Series generally consisting of 2 races at each track during each Spring Series and Fall Series.  The Spring Series generally runs from early April through mid June, and the Fall Series from the end of August through mid October.  See the the Event Calendar for further information on planned races and other NMA, Island, BC and Canadian motocross events.

CMRC Licensing

The Canadian Motosport Racing Club (CMRC) is a Canadian non-profit, marketing and membership driven organization committed to the growth and development of competitive off-road motorcycle racing, for amateurs and professionals, regional and national.  CMRC exists to enhance, communicate and promote motocross for the benefit of participants, spectators, organizers and industry participants and thereby to ensure stability, growth and social and political acceptance of our sport.

CMRC is responsible for setting, implementing, maintaining and developing standards for rules of competition, officiating, organization and promotion of events.  CMRC will seek to cultivate promotional opportunities, which are intended to be to the benefit of the overall membership.

Vancouver Island Motocross Association (VIMX) is the official CMRC sanctioned governing body for Vancouver Island.  It was officially incorporated as a non-profit society and signed the Sanctioning Agreement with CMRC in January, 2010.  The BC Motocross Association (BCMA) is the counterpart CMRC santioned body for the Mainland. The Nanaimo Motocross Association and the other motocross associations on the Island race under VIMX and CMRC.

Further information on VIMX can be found at www.vimx.ca.

Further information on CMRC can be found at www.cmrcracing.com including the following topics:

Race Numbers and Colours

Under the CMRC there are four groups of numbers that are utilized for assigning numbers. They are 50cc, 60cc, 80cc 7 to 11 80cc 12 to 16, Beginner, Junior Intermediate, Pro ATV.  CMRC does not reserve numbers.  Instead, numbers are assigned once the membership license application is received.  Amateur numbers range from 11 to 999 in each group. Pro class numbers are assigned from 1-50 determined by the final standings of the national championships.  An Intermediate rider can have a number from 11-50 providing there is no Pro in that region that has that nationally assigned number.

As for number and background colours the CMRC requires the following:
  • 50cc, 60cc, 80cc, Beginner and Junior are red numbers on white backgrounds
  • Intermediate are black numbers on yellow backgrounds
  • Pro are black numbers on white backgrounds

Race Classes

Under the CMRC there are a number of race and age classes that are normally run for Island and Provincial race series.

  • 85 cc (7 – 11 years old)
  • 85cc (12 – 16 years old)
  • Ladies
  • +40 (40 years old and older)
  • Vet Junior
  • Vet Master
  • 125 Beginner
  • 250 Beginner
  • GP Beginner
  • 125 Junior
  • 250 Junior
  • GP Junior
  • 125 Intermediate
  • 250 Intermediate
  • Youth (up to 25 years old) / +25 (25 years old and over)
  • GP Pro/Am


There are now 5 tracks on Vancouver Island that are part of the Island Race Series under the CMRC, BCMA and VIMX:

Racing Etiquette

  1. All racing will be conducted under the current season’s CMRC Motocross Competition Rules.
  2. Waivers must be signed by a parent/guardian for all riders under the age of 19 years. This must be done in the presence of one of the Executive or someone appointed by the Executive.
  3. The referee has the authority to ride off any rider with the black flag.
  4. Each bike shall be equipped with a legible number displayed on the front & side number plates.
  5. If tied in points, the second moto shall count for the win.
  6. No rider shall ride on the track from time of pre-race grooming until race day.
  7. Practice and track use is for club members only. If you are a club members and you bring a non-member with you to practice at the track without a day pass, you will be suspended from racing at the next event in Nanaimo. If you consistently bring non-members to the track for practice, you will be disqualified from any series points, trophies and/or payback; and/or suspension of track privileges. If a non-member comes to the track to practice on their own, it is the obligation of any members present to request they sign the insurance waiver and purchase a day pass from a Sponsor location- -OR ASK THEM TO LEAVE.
  8. Club meetings will be held on a regular basis. Any member with a complaint is welcome to attend a meeting, as issues will be discussed at meetings – not at the track. Please visit the website www.nanaimomx.com for meeting dates
  9. Riders are not to ride to/from the track on public roads. If known to do so. the member will be suspended from the next Nanaimo race and face suspension of track privileges.
  10. No one other than flaggers and first-aid attendants are allowed on the track while a race is in progress.
  11. The Executive has the authority to move a rider to a different class (up or down) with a majority vote from the Executive.
  12. Any riders known to be partaking in alcohol/drugs, during/prior to a race, will be suspended for the day.
  13. There shall be no pit riding or riding on the roads. Pit riding is dangerous and causes erosion to our Club property.
  14. Dogs are allowed providing they are on a leash and under control.
  15. No riders under the age of 16 shall use the facilities with out parent/guardian written consent.
  16. Members of the club are encouraged to attend all General Meetings and as many work parties as possible. Help at the track is always needed and appreciated.
  17. Any rider continually ignoring club rules shall be banned from using the track.
  18. A family membership is for immediate family members only who live under the same roof.
  19. Do not litter or leave behind unwanted items like used tires, broken parts, etc. If you bring it in – take it out! Please keep our track clean!!
  20. Close the gate after you enter the track; if you are the last one to leave, ensure the gate is locked behind you.
  21. When camping or staying late at the track, all fires must not be left unattended. Fires are subject to all Local and Provincial campfire regulations and bans. Quiet time will be enforced after 10:00 pm. Non-compliance will result in immediate removal from the track.
  22. Those riders that are not practicing or using the track in a safe and/or appropriate manner will be requested to leave the track and should similar behaviour occur, track and membership privileges will be suspended.
  23. All riders must wear protective gear including: helmet, goggles, protective pants, long sleeve jersey & protective footwear/boots. Chest protectors, knee/shin guards, & gloves are strongly recommended.
  24. Good sportsmanship is encouraged at all times. We are all here to have an enjoyable riding experience.
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