Executive Roles

The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one or more other persons are the Directors of the Society.  The number of Directors must be 5 or greater (Society Act, Part 5, Section 25, sub sections 1 and 2).  The following 9 key roles are recommended to be Director positions within the club.



• Attend and Chair monthly meetings
• Work at all club events
• Public spokesperson, promoter, and positive leader for the club
• Encourage involvement of members, sponsors, advertisers, and
• Be a signing officer
Vice President
• Carry out the duties of the President during his/her absence
• Help president to oversee all operations of club and racing events
• Fill one or more volunteer positions
• Work at all club events
• Attend monthly meetings
• Be a signing officer
• Maintain and  keep the financial records, including the books of
  account, necessary to comply with the Society Act
• Act as an official signing authority (Treasurer plus one of either the
  President or Vice)
• Draft budget forecast, track, organize and analyze spending
• Invoice, and collect receivables, ensure all payment requirements are
• Prepare and provide financial statements
• Prepare and provide treasurers reports for monthly meetings and AGM
• Collect and allocate all membership monies
• Ensure all coordinators have adequate floats and funds for raceday
• Race day staffing payouts
• Collect all monies from tower and gate on racedays
• Attend monthly meetings
• Conduct the correspondence of the society, issue notices of meetings
  of the society and directors, and keep minutes of all meetings
• Has custody of all records and documents of the society except those
  required to be kept by the Treasurer
• Maintain the registrar of members
• Organize all pertinent details for club meetings, and AGM
• Prepare and distribute club information emails including events,
  meetings, news, etc
• Distribute club information to webmaster and respond to website emails
• Maintain sponsor list
• Prepare announcer notes, race schedules, waivers, and all required
  forms for events for front gate and sign up tower
• Prepare and distribute a monthly or quarterly newsletter, including
  arranging contributors and content
• Attend monthly meetings
Membership Manager
• Act as the rider and membership liaison to the club
• Updating yearly membership package
• Educating oneself on the sanctioning body racing rules
• Being involved in rider sign-up at events
• Taking and addressing rider complaints on race day
• Communicating feedback both positive and negative to the Board
• Assist all prospective members to obtain memberships or day passes
• Coordinate and evaluate membership surveys
• Attend monthly meetings
Site Manager
• Responsible for the overall site on an ongoing basis
   - Visit the track once monthly for inspection
   - Act as point person for any issues on site during the year ie tower
     break ins, gate issues, garbage, spring run off
   - Ensuring sponsor signs are posted visibly according to the current
     sponsor list
   - Arranging for oil drums and garbage cans to be emptied regularly
• Organizing work parties
   - Prepare work party duties and supplies list and submit to webmaster
     for posting
   - Arranging applicable equipment and tools such as pressure washers
   - Organize volunteers
• Race Day
   - Arranging toilets
   - Organizing PA system and radios
   - Ensuring banners, flags, and hay bale covers are up, and taken down
     after races
   - Arranging generators, fuel, propane
   - Arrange garbage bin delivery and pick up
   - Arranging pick up of garbage on site before, during and after
• Attend monthly meetings
Track Manager
• Prepare a track grooming program for the year within a budget
• Initial grooming after winter, before all special events (races, practice
  days, riding schools etc) as well as ongoing grooming for members
• Ensuring safe track design and marking any jumps deemed for Pros Only
• Arranging grooming equipment
• Coordinating Track Irrigation and water
• Liaison with equipment sponsors and ensuring appropriate sponsor
• Ensuring delivery and placement of hay bales on the track
• Attend monthly meetings
Watering Manager
• Set up / clean up of pumps and ensure that they are operational
• Co-ordinate with Track Manager for maintenance grooming and race
• Water track and coordinate helpers to assist during event
• Ensure sprinkler heads and watering system is in good repair
• Bring necessary equipment to event (gas, oil, parts & supplies)
• Ensure all equipment is properly maintained as required
• If unable to attend event, arrange for replacement and advise Race
  Event Staff Coordinator
• Report to Race Event Staff Coordinator
• Attend monthly meetings
Promotions Manager • Responsible for promoting our club and events
• Updating yearly sponsor package
• Bike Shop Liaison – sponsorships, event posters, information flow
• Maintaining strong relationships with current sponsors
• Find new sponsors
• Ensure Sponsor recognition in events and advertising
• Seek out advertising opportunities
• Fax or email press release to media week before race and update Steve
  Marshall Ford for their community events cruiser and free ads
• Be available to answer media questions, give interviews, etc.
• Have good knowledge of club history, admission rates, race times, club
  details, etc.
• Obtain copies of race results from Results Coordinator and fax or email
  to media
• Attend monthly meetings

One of the NMA Directors must take on the role of Vancouver Island Motocross Association (VIMX) Representative, ideally the President or Vice President.  This role includes the following additional responsibilities:
  • Act as the voting Club Representative on the VIMX Board
  • Attend all VIMX meetings
  • Provides minutes and a verbal summary of such meetings to the NMA Board at our monthly meetings
  • Presents club questions, decisions, feedback to VIMX and vice versa
In addition to the key responsibilities defined above, all Directors are expected to work together closely, support each other, and where possible attend all club meetings, events and work parties.

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