Aerial Views

These aerial photographs were taken of the site and the track on Friday May 15th, 2009 the day before the BC Provincials.  Click on the photos to display the full sized images.

Site Layout

This image shows the full Wastelands site with the entrance on the bottom left and the track at the to right.  Click on the image to show the full sized image.

Site Small.jpg

Track Layout

The annotated image shows the track layout hightlighed in green with the start in red and the finish in green.  Click on the image to display the full sized image.

Track Map Small.jpg

Photographs taken by John Lamb, President of the Nanaimo Flying Club

Track Diagram

A 2D or possibly 3D track diagram is planned for this fall.  We're looking into taking GPS location and altitude data taken by Andy Barry and turning it into a 3D image.  Does anyone have any experience doing this kind of thing?  We've looked at using Google SketchUp as a possibility.

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